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April 20, 2013 8:00 pm - 12:15 am
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Time: 8:00pm     Day: Saturday     Ages: All Ages / Bar with ID    
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$12 adv - $15 door



Desperate Ground, the new LP from Portland’s The Thermals, is exactly what the title implies. A dangerous path.  A crucial moment.  A split second in time when you must stand and defend, kill or be killed.  Nowhere to run.  Nowhere to hide.

No problem!

The Thermals have been through worse, and have always lived to tell the tale.  Since their zero-fi pants-a-burning debut (More Parts Per Million, 2003), The Thermals have blazed their way through a decade filled with enough fear and loathing to the last the rest of the century.  They’ve survived the wrath of God (The Body, The Blood, The Machine, 2006), the fear of death (Now We Can See, 2009), even the soul-crushing torment of monogamous relationships (Personal Life, 2010)!

The Thermals’ sixth LP and first for Saddle Creek, Desperate Ground, is a true scrappy and scratchy return-to-form for The Thermals, with all the raw power and unhinged adolescent energy that made their early LP’s so insanely enjoyable.  Lyrically, the album is a brash and irresponsible ode to human violence, a black celebration of the inevitability of war and death.  A dark and yet joyous affair, Desperate Ground tells the (murky) tale of a lone rogue in the night.  One man, one path, one sword.  An unceasing urge to destroy.  A never-ending battle against the forces of nature.  A destiny impossible to avoid.  All told, Desperate Ground is a loud, violent thrill ride, a punk LP as bloody action film.  It’s The Wipers meets “Die Hard” and “Excalibur”.

Desperate Ground was produced by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth) in Hoboken, NJ.  Agnello and The Thermals completed mixing just hours before Hurricane Sandy ravaged New Jersey.  Desperate Ground indeed.

The Thermals

The Thermals are a pop-punk trio from Portland, Oregon. The band was formed in 2002 and has since released six records and toured fifteen countries. The Thermals' sixth LP and debut for Saddle Creek, Desperate Ground, was produced by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth) in Hoboken, NJ. Agnello and The Thermals completed the record and evacuated the studio just hours before Hurricane Sandy ravaged New Jersey, a fate quite fitting when you consider the product.

The Woolen Men

The Woolen Men are three — two Oregon natives and a Washingtonian. They play punk influenced DIY music in the Pac-NW tradition of Dead Moon and the Wipers. More than a sound or style, that means a kind of work ethic — do-it-yourself and do it a lot. The band is happiest touring up and down the I-5 or bunkered in their practice space with the cassette 4-track rolling. And it shows. Live, the band is thunderous and…


In 2007, longtime best friends Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps moved to Portland, Oregon and decided to start a band. With all the buoyancy and idealism of youth (being fresh out of high school at the time), and stimulated by the massive amount of creative output surrounding them in their new city, they sketched out a vision for a massive friend band - the possibility of getting every single one of their buds on stage and creating a…